Best Practices for Application of Sealers/Coatings for Extending Service Life of Bridges

The primary objective of this project is to enhance the durability and safety of bridges. This study aims to provide a better understanding of how modern coatings function under a wide range of surface preparation conditions. The project will generate performance data and provide valuable recommendations for concrete surface preparation, an essential step in ensuring the efficacy of protective coatings. It will be accomplished by thoroughly testing a variety of concrete specimens. This will give insight into how the material behaves under different conditions. In addition to enhancing the overall safety and reliability of infrastructure, the findings of this research also have extensive impacts on transportation systems. By improving maintenance practices and making informed surface preparation decisions, the project can also result in substantial cost savings. Research findings aims to influence regulatory standards and best practices for bridge maintenance, which could lead to policy improvements. Furthermore, the project is expected to yield innovations in materials technology, contributing to the advancement of the field.