Microsurfacing Experimental Feature Monitoring Project

This project will evaluate the effectiveness (pavement wear and cost-benefit analysis) of the pavement treatment microsurfacing as a pavement preservation tool for ruts. 17 on/off ramps along Minnesota Drive in Anchorage, Alaska had microsurfacing applied to the ruts as a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approved Experimental Features research project as part of the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities (DOT&PF) Capital Project CFHWY00106 in June, 2020. 3 years of post-construction monitoring are underway. A post-construction report was completed in 2021 and is referenced. a final report will be completed by December 2023. This project applied microsurfacing to 17 different Minnesota Drive ramp locations with varying geometry and traffic volumes during June of 2020. The emulsion formulation used a PG64-34 base binder highly modified with SBS polymer and approximately 10.5% residual binder. This report documents the construction process and experience using this highly modified formulation and will monitor the ramps performance over the following three years to determine if this microsurfacing formulation can withstand the high use of studded tires, snowplows, plastic deformation and freeze-thaw cycles.