Field Evaluation of Geophysical Applications for DOTD

This research will evaluate the effectiveness of the Electrical Resistivity, Seismic Refraction, and Cross-hole Tomography geophysical methods in Louisiana soils and provide detailed descriptions of each method, including their applicability to geotechnical engineering, pros and cons, and cost of each method and required equipment. This research will determine whether the device/test method(s) actually improves confidence in normal operations, and whether the technology should be conducted in-house requiring consultants due to the intricacies of that particular method, or if the infrequent use and equipment cost are not feasible/efficient. The researchers will then develop recommendations and provide an action plan for the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) to implement and utilize these geophysical methods in various geotechnical applications in Louisiana, such as mapping lithology and foundation integrity studies.