Off-flight Pilot Incapacitation - Pilot Mortality Data Match

This project is to determine pilot off-flight incapacitation by mortality data match. The target cohort will be those former aeromedical certificate holders in the United States whose certificates expired in a previous time frame who did not seek to recertify. Such required data fields as names and SS numbers will be collected from each pilot's most recent application of aeromedical certificates to provide to the National Death Index supplied by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for potential death matches. Off-flight death rates and causes of death of these former aeromedical certificate holders will be assessed. Causes of death will also be evaluated for relevance to the aeromedical certification process. The project will result a dataset holding the aggregated results of the death matches and the causes. When the mortality data match becomes a periodic task, a database would be established to provide continuous outcome for pilot off-flight incapacitation and contribute to data-driven safety management system (SMS).