Pilot Incapacitation - Assessment of Data Sources

Identification of pilot incapacitation is essential for aviation safety. There are various databases of disparate origins that may contain different quality levels of pilot incapacitation information. Assessment of these data sources is critical to obtain a list of reliable and accurate pilot incapacitation events. This project evaluates the data sources and contents, data origin and flow, data availability and accessibility, and data quality ranking of the available data sources in FAA pertaining to pilot incapacitation. The project also explores potential algorithms including SQL and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to screen, identify, and collect pilot incapacitation events from the data sources in FAA. As a part of results, the project provides a sample roadmap and practice suggestions for leveraging the data sources, and a Venn diagram of pilot incapacitation events from 2008 to 2020 retrieved from the data sources.