CCTRP 20-02: End Encasement for the Construction of Maintenance-Free Steel Bridges

The study is intended to develop a novel and cost-effective approach toward the maintenance-free design of steel girder ends. In the past few years, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) has adopted a progressive approach to addressing the pressing issues of maintaining and upgrading the state’s transportation infrastructure. Their success in devising effective creative solutions is evidenced by multiple nation-wide awards and recognitions, as well as the recent adoption of their novel girder end repair method as part of EDC-6 program. The aim of this project is to accelerate the implementation of a maintenance-free steel beam end detail utilizing Ultra High-Performnce (UHPC) encasement. The project entails the following: (1) conducting a refined life-cycle cost analysis for the detail compared to metalizing and galvanizing for a few real bridge construction projects; (2) confirming the fatigue category of the detail; (3) adapting guidelines from the repair to be applicable to new construction; and, (4) working with CTDOT to design the detail and facilitate its implementation on a pilot project.