Evaluation of MO Bridge Inventory for Effective Service Life

Missouri National Bridge Inventory data for the past 27 years is available for downloading in a text format from Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA’s) website. By using data mining techniques to retrieve and organize this data, information can be derived for the deterioration of different bridge systems that have been used over the years. Developing deterioration curves for the various rated items on bridges and culverts is desired for use by MoDOT for their data driven asset management plan. Knowing approximately how many years each part of a bridge (deck, superstructure, substructure) or a culvert will be at a particular NBI rating can lead to more informed programming decisions within the asset management plan. MoDOT is interested in the trends in deterioration for different types of bridges on the MoDOT system based on some of the following criteria: structure type, era of construction, span length, material type, traffic volume, and environmental exposure. The research team will also provide recommendations of which types of bridges have been cost effective.