Modernization of ATD Apparel

FAA AC 25.562-1B and SAE AS 8049-C require specific ATD clothing that is no longer readily acquired or has changed significantly.  This apparel includes US Air Force defined shoes, which have changed from a slick sole to a non-slip sole, and 100% cotton stretch garments, which are no longer manufactured.  The change to the sole of the shoe may prevent the ATD’s legs from freely swinging during a test.  The release of the legs is required during a horizontal test for seat places without foot pedals and can change the head path.  A change from 100% cotton to polyester clothing may alter the sliding of the occupant along the seat back cushion during a combined horizontal-vertical test and may alter the sliding of the lap belt on the pelvis (affecting the risk of submarining).  Because these changes may alter the response of the ATD during dynamic impact tests, use of apparel different than what is specified may require a deviation before the test data can be accepted by the FAA.   This project will investigate any differences in ATD kinematics caused by the modern clothing and provide the FAA policy makers with information to update guidance material on the subject.