Best Practices on Collecting Asset Information from the Construction Stage

Civil infrastructure assets (roadways, bridges, culverts, guardrails) are created or modified through construction activities. The current disconnection between project delivery and asset maintenance leads to many challenges including inaccurate road or bridge inventory and condition information. As a result, SCDOT currently needs to re-collect various types of asset data (i.e., geospatial locations, business data, and geometrics) which could have been captured during the project delivery phase. There is a critical need for an innovative approach capable of leveraging construction inspection data for use in asset management. The objective of this study is to synthesize best practices among other states and develop systematic guidance for SCDOT in streamlining design and construction data to roadway data repositories. This includes construction data from both SCDOT managed projects as well as those managed by others. The study also includes developing a new method to support automatically migrating data generated by construction projects into the existing transportation asset data repositories.