Protecting Critical Civil Infrastructure Against Impact from Commercial Vehicles – Phase III, A Systems Based Approach

This proposal will expand on work completed for M05 by: (1) Experimentally examine behavior of uncoated and fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP)/polyurea-coated concrete under blast loads, with pressure, temperature and material response time-history data being collected using instruments on the specimens and non-contact video tracking and laser scanning coupled with computer vision. (2) Advance computational studies, findings and design aids to include entire bridge system response under vehicle impact and air blast. Developed models will include: (a) Material behavioral information from aforementioned tests. (b) Foundations and surrounding soil systems using discrete element and particle based methods. (c) Different types of sub- and superstructure designs, and (d) The effects of temperature on behavior, functionality and resiliency. Project deliverables include enhanced aids/guidelines along with modified code language.