Developing Enhanced Performance Curves of ITD Asphalt Pavements by Mining the Historical Data

The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is interested in refining the performance curves (i.e., pavement deterioration models) used to predict pavement performance because the current forecasting approach does not adequately account for complexities in the design, materials selection, construction features, maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) history, etc. The department is interested in developing mechanistic and reliable models to predict the damage of ITD asphalt pavements at the project level and enable more accurate and robust optimization of pavement preservation and M&R decisions at the network level. The goal of this project is to develop reliable and realistic and enhanced performance curves for ITD asphalt pavements by mining the historical data. The objectives of this project include: (1) Identifying the appropriate parameters and additional criteria to use in the enhanced asphalt performance curves; (2) Developing and calibrating distress-specific models for forecasting future pavement conditions, for both new and rehabilitated asphalt pavements; and (3) Validating existing and enhanced curves using historical performance data.