MCTI Administration

Missouri Center for Transportation Innovation (MCTI) is a partnership between Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the 4 University Campuses: Columbia, KC, St. Louis, and Missouri S&T. MoDOT and the University of Missouri System (UMS) have a long-standing, collegial relationship in working on transportation problems together, leading to local and national impact. This relationship includes MoDOT funding of sponsored research projects, MoDOT projects serving as center matching funds, access to field demonstration projects and test sections, educational programs, scholarships, and internships. However, the administration of research funding to universities is a significant burden on MoDOT, along with the transfer of technology across Missouri and beyond. In addition, the lack of streamlined, highly coordinated research efforts have, at times, led to MoDOT research dollars flowing out of Missouri, and to redundancies with other national efforts. Following the practice of other states, this center is a collaboration to move transportation research forward in Missouri. This administrative funding will help MoDOT with some of the administrative duties such as tracking project process and report editing and 508 compliance.