Understanding Pedestrian Crash Injury and Social Equity Disparities in Oregon

The primary research objectives for this project are as follows: (1) Understand the difference in pedestrian injury disparities across the state and measure the impact that socio demographics, traffic characteristics, infrastructure, historic types and levels of investment and the built environment have on explaining these disparities in order to inform mitigation strategies for infrastructure and program interventions. (2) Measure how these disparities have changed over time. (3) Develop standardized outputs for use in existing crash screening methods used in Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) safety and active transportation programs. (4) Inform updates of the Oregon Transportation Safety Action plan (TSAP), Oregon Transportation Plan, and Oregon Highway Plan. The completion of this research will increase the agency’s understanding how social inequities impact pedestrian injuries on the Oregon transportation system and will allow public agencies in the state to better target investments and programs to reduce existing disparities in injury outcomes.