Measuring and Improving the Effectiveness of ADOT's Employee Learning and Development Programs

Among its many responsibilities, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) Employee and Business Development Office (EBDO) develops and provides required and elective training to ADOT staff and to external stakeholders. For its training programs, EBDO’s objectives are to: (1) Improve employee competence and performance to enhance the performance of the agency; (2) Improve employee competence and performance to enable employee advancement within the agency; and (3) Positively influence employee retention. EBDO is in the process of updating its training programs to more effectively meet these objectives. In 2018, it completed a comprehensive three-year Employee Learning and Development Plan based largely on data gathered through interviews with ADOT leadership and a survey of all ADOT employees. The Plan highlighted EBDO’s biggest challenge as the need to define and measure its programs’ effectiveness in achieving its objectives, including the ability to determine the department’s return on investment (ROI) in staff training and development. The research will provide EBDO with metrics that it can use to measure the effectiveness of its training programs in meeting its objectives, and with recommendation on how it can use the data derived through these metrics to improve the programs’ effectiveness.