Enhancing Crash Data Reporting to Highway Safety Partners in Wyoming by Utilizing Big Data Analysis and Survey

This project is set up to identify gaps in crash reporting and to recommend appropriate guidelines to present traffic safety data. The Principle Investigator shall work to identify and access information from the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) safety reports and database to identity the current reporting format; perform an extensive survey to assess the safety related data needs and reporting requirements of safety agencies in Wyoming; communicate with the safety partners on what this study will cover; compile several years of historical crash data from WECRS into a comprehensive database; conduct an evaluation to identify human factors impacting crash severity and frequency using currently available big data analytic tools; match results from this task to the agency data needs from the survey; determine the human factors impacting crash severity and frequency; determine reporting frequency of the human factors; recommend best formats and internals to the crash reporting data; and Integrate report generation with the WYDOT format.