UHPC Thin Bonded Overlay on Deteriorated Bridge Decks

Previous research has demonstrated that ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) has the potential to increase service lives of bridge deck overlays and subsequently, the underlying concrete deck, because it has exceptional durability properties and contains silica fume that facilitates bond to substrate concretes. This research project will document, monitor, and assess the field implementation of a UHPC overlay produced with local materials on a bridge in Socorro, NM. This will be the first non-proprietary UHPC overlay constructed in the United States. The research project consists of a comprehensive literature review to identify best practices for UHPC technologies and overlay construction methods. Short and long-term monitoring plans will be developed for assessing the performance of the constructed UHPC overlay. After construction, the short and long-term monitoring plans that will include mechanical, physical, and nondestructive testing shall be initiated and the assessment of the initial measurements shall be reported in the final research report.