The Effect of Rubber Fills on the Performance of Infrastructure, Phase 1

This project investigates using large chips of scrap tires having various shapes and sizes as tire derived aggregate (TDA) in different infrastructure applications including subgrade fill and the core of embankment fills as well as backfill material for retaining walls and bridge abutments. The TDA possesses unique engineering properties of being durable, lightweight, allowing drainage, and having cohesive abilities. Due to its lightweight, using TDA backfill will reduce the lateral pressures on retaining walls and bridge abutments which can reduce the design forces and hence lighter structural elements can be used. The lightweight backfill will also reduce the settlement of underlying soils and increase the global stability of the structural elements which may allow using a spread footing rather than deep foundations leading to significant savings in the construction costs. The drainage capabilities of the TDA can eliminate the need for a clean granular backfill.