Evaluation of Coefficients Related to Runoff from Roadway Projects

It is proposed to quantify the key hydrologic parameters related to rainfall-induced runoff from roadway projects including runoff coefficient, curve number and time of concentration. The quantification will be conducted in the laboratory using the hydrology apparatus and hydraulic flume available at Rutgers University under controlled rainfall conditions and validated at selected field sites. The hydrology apparatus will be used to quantify infiltration, runoff, groundwater level and time of concentration for roadway-related land cover types under various rainfall intensity and duration. The land cover types to be considered will include grass Right of Way (ROW), bare soil in ROW, gravel, and pervious asphalt associated with hydrological soil groups A, B, C, and D along roadway projects. The hydraulic flume will be used to quantify the time of concentration for surface runoff in the form of sheet flow as well as subsurface lateral flow through the porous medium underneath. An extensive literature search and review will be conducted for the existing laboratory testing and field monitoring to identify data gaps and narrow down all aspects of the laboratory testing.