Utilization of Connectivity and Automation in Support of Transportation Agencies’ Decision Making

This project will identify, develop, and implement a suite of simulation models and methods for use in assessing the implications of the presence of connected vehicles (CV), automatous vehicles (AV), and connected automated vehicles (CAV) in the traffic stream and in evaluating the impacts of associated applications that use these technologies. The project will build on current national and international efforts including the on-going research conducted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). As such, the research will start with a comprehensive review and assessment of the literature and existing products on the subject including examining the products of the FHWA effort. Using the review and assessment as a basis, high priority CAV applications to be addressed in this project will be identified based on defined criteria and a framework and guidelines will be developed for the use of analysis, simulation, and modeling of CAV. The project will then develop procedures for calibrating and validating simulation models to ensure the proper use of these models in replicating emerging vehicle technologies and applications. The research team will also identify and develop utilities and extensions of existing models to allow the modeling of selected high priority modeling applications. The project will demonstrate the use of the project development to support agency decisions with regard to high priority CAV applications.