Evaluate Effectiveness of Storm Ponds and Wetlands for Water Quality

This research project should study stormwater ponds and determine both their cost effectiveness and long-term effectiveness as a BMP. For existing stormwater ponds what can be done to make them more effective? Based on the past 10+ years (and knowing what we know now), determine if stormwater ponds should still be considered a viable BMP? If so, what is the best context for them as a BMP? If not viable, what is an alternative BMP(s)? The project will review and update both the 2009 Stormwater Maintenance BMP Guide and the 2011 Decision Tree for Stormwater BMPS; ensure both are compatible with the MPCA Stormwater Manual; develop a high-level fact sheet that helps agencies understand what they should be evaluating (and budgeting/staffing for) on an annual basis; examine what other BMPs besides stormwater ponds act in a similar capacity and should they be used or considered.