Analysis of Intermodal Vessel-to-Rail Connectivity

Intermodal/multimodal freight transportation is the seamless and continuous door-to-door transportation of freight from origin to destination with the use of two or more transportation modes during a single journey. Intermodal transportation system helps to improve mobility, reduces congestion, and lowers the overall transportation costs and burden on the use of a single mode of transportation. As containers have grown to be the best medium for transfer of freights between different modes of transportation, one of the efficient intermodal transfers of containers is achieved between vessels and rails. The proposed research study will investigate the intermodal water-rail freight service connectivity in the Port of Houston with respect to the potential demand for intermodal freight transportation in the port operation. The major objective will be to assess the existing vessel-rail operation in the port and what are the factors affecting the expansion of this particular and crucial intermodal freight transportation. This will provide the policymakers and major stakeholders the understanding of this particular form of intermodal transportation as developing plans for similar future projects is required.