Multimodal Connected Vehicle Pilot for Winter Travel

The goal of this CAMMSE project is to implement connected vehicle (CV) technologies within Pullman, Spokane, or a similarly sized city as a case study to gather data between smart- technology-enabled transit and bicycle/pedestrian travel modes. The case study data will include inclement weather conditions as these greatly impact transit operations and multimodal commuting efficiency. To meet this goal, the following objectives will be addressed: (1) identify appropriate transit routes for case-study implementation of transit and bicycle/pedestrian V2X (Vehicle-2-Everything) implementation; (2) collect baseline mobility and weather data along the routes; and (3) use mobile tablet and smartphone devices with a customized program for transit vehicles and bicycle/pedestrian commuters and collect data related to travel speed, bus-stop-waiting duration, and distance between transit/bike/pedestrian interactions. This case study data will provide critical information for determining program expansion, and may be used to calibrate simulation models of broader connected vehicle applications within Pullman or Spokane. This research is directly related to topic areas “Accessibility” and “Connected Vehicle Technologies”.