Feasibility Analysis of Real-time Intersection Data Collection and Processing Using Drones

The overall goal of this project is to test the feasibility and efficiency of drone-based real-time data collection and processing at intersections, which can be used by Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) planners and engineers at various levels of traffic operations and safety analysis. Consistent with this goal, the main objectives of this project are: (a) to extract the vast amount of knowledge with respect to the drone implementations, video image processing software and other related data collection equipment; (b) analyze the results of this search to identify the operational barriers, best implementations, practices and strategies; and (c) conduct a field experiment through a pilot drone study at selected intersections. Meeting these objectives will lead to appropriate recommendations to Florida DOT in terms of evaluating the feasibility of drones as safer, cheaper and faster data collection alternatives, and providing guidelines for successful implementation of this pilot program. The findings will then be published in FDOT manuals and reports, as appropriate.