Feasibility and Performance of Low Volume Roadway Mixture Design

The objective of this research is to evaluate the production practices and construction feasibility of LADOTD’s low-volume roadway mixture design and to analyze the performance of roadways constructed with these mixtures. The research will also serve to analyze the revised payment schedule for Low ADT Mainline mixtures and its effect on these roadways. Several different resources will be employed to obtain the data to sufficiently analyze the various aspects of the project. In order to evaluate the production practices of the asphalt mix, samples will be collected from various contractors for laboratory testing; an assessment of construction feasibility can be made based on these findings. The performance data for the low volume roadway pavements will be obtained via window surveys and visual inspections made by the research team. Once the performance of these roadways is analyzed, a correlation may be able to be established with the revised payment schedule. The project factorial will consist of a minimum ten different roadway projects to analyze.