Literature Search on Use of Plastic Pipes in Highway Engineering for DOTDs Needs

The overarching research objective is to determine where, when, and how the (LADOTD) can use plastic pipes. The long-term goal is to research the usage and performance of plastic pipe in Louisiana and surrounding states with similar soils and conditions, in order to develop recommendations for what parameters to consider when selecting the type of pipe, to recommend installation procedures for plastic pipe, and to determine the best uses for plastic pipe in Louisiana. The specific objectives for this literature search includes providing a historical summary of the LADOTD specifications for culverts and storm drains to document the criteria for making decisions in pipe selections; synthesize the current literature on plastic pipe research from Louisiana and other states; survey other DOT’s with similar soils, environments, and situations; compare performance and cost of concrete and plastic pipes, along with associated installation and maintenance costs; and provide recommendations for the LADOTD on where and when to allow the use of each type of plastic pipe in drainage applications, required installation procedures, and limitations associated with plastic pipes.