Development of a Systemic Safety Improvement Plan for Two-Lane Rural Roads in Virginia

Approximately 75 percent of highway fatalities and 60 percent of injuries in Virginia occurred on roadway segments. With over 56,000 center line miles of two-lane roads maintained by Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), determining how and where to focus limited highway safety resources through deployment of low-cost, high-benefit systemic countermeasures is paramount to reducing the number of injury and fatality crashes on these roads. The purpose of this project is to develop a systemic safety improvement plan for two-lane rural roads using low cost countermeasures. The first objective is to perform an assessment of VDOT-maintained two-lane rural road crashes over a five-year period to determine predominant crash trends and crash types. After performing the crash assessment, the project will identify a list of systemic countermeasures that could be deployed to target specific collision types and patterns that are determined during the assessment. The scope of this project will be limited to undivided two-lane rural roads.