Performance of Asphalt Rubber Gap Graded Mixture Overlays over Jointed Concrete Pavements (JCP)

Reflective cracking is a serious challenge associated with pavement rehabilitation. As reflective cracking in pavements compromises ride quality and reduces the service life of the pavement, pavement engineers have long sought a system that mitigates reflective cracking. State agencies are trying various treatment methods available to delay or to prevent reflection cracking in rehabilitated pavements. Treatments that are used to reduce or prevent reflective cracking include use of binder modification such as asphalt mix with highly modified polymer binder or use of asphalt rubber modified mix. Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is planning to use a gap graded rubber modified asphalt mix (AR-GGM12.5) on I-85, Richmond district as part of this research project (I-85 SB, Dinwiddie County, Richmond District, MM 64.14 – 61.56). This will be the first use of AR-GGM mix in Virginia.