Urban Connector Year 3: Field Tests

In the past 2 years, initial surveys were conducted in El Paso and in New York City to understand the lifestyles and mobility needs of the senior adults. A smartphone application prototype named Urban Connector (UC) was developed to cater to the seniors in El Paso. A follow-up survey was conducted to gather feedbacks on the UC application prototype. Subsequently the UC prototype was improved to its beta version. This project is continuing with the following objectives: -To customize the beta version of the UC application for New York City -To perform a beta test in New York City and gather user feedbacks -To fine-tune the UC application, based on the information collected in El Paso in Year 2 (the third survey) to release Version 1.0 -To collect a set of UC application usage data through an anonymous pilot test -To explore a data analysis framework that will characterize a UC application user's mobility patterns without knowing the person's identity