Performance Evaluation of Very Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete TR-771 (Phase III of TR-690)

The overall goal of this proposed research is to explore the potential use of Very Early Strength Latex Modified Concrete (LMC-VE) in Iowa bridge overlays. This will be achieved through a study of the first Iowa LMC-VE overlay practice on the IA 15 over Black Cat Creek Bridge. The specific approaches to this defined goal include the following: (1) To document and identify the benefits and problems in construction of the LMC-VE overlay at the selected bridge. The documentation will include the information on the uses of materials, construction conditions and procedures, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) methods and procedures. (2) To evaluate the key engineering properties (such as compressive and flexural strength, tensile adhesion bond strength, chloride penetration resistance, and fiction index) of LMC-VE using standard and accelerated test methods. (3) To monitor the field performance of the constructed LMC-VE overlay up to 5 years. (4) To conduct a life cycle cost analysis in a comparison of the LMC-VE overlay with a conventional rigid overlay. (5) To analyze the research results, understand LMC-VE performance, and provide insights and recommendations for future use of LMC-VE overlays for Iowa bridges.