Field Evaluation of V2I Connected Vehicle Deployment in Ada County, Idaho - Validating Communication Architecture and Control Technology Readiness

Ada County Highway District (ACHD), the primary agency responsible for operating the Greater Boise Area traffic network is planning to implement vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) technology at 20 intersections as part of the FHWA’s SPAT challenge. This V2I interface has two elements of connected-vehicle V2I traffic signal system applications: 1) priority for heavy vehicles at signalized intersection approaches and 2) traffic signal system V2I and I2V data exchange. For the heavy vehicle priority application, some selected heavy vehicles, will be equipped with on-board Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) units, cable of communicating with Road Side Units (RSUs) that are connected to the traffic signal controller at the intersection. Traffic controllers on a segment of the road will have the capability to send timing info (SPAT) and MAP messages to vehicles. The proposed implementation will involve the installation of DSRC radios and an interface device in some test vehicles. The project activities will include a review of control technology and communication resources and other resources needed to facilitate the connected vehicle V2I implementation, a hardware-in-the-loop pre-deployment testing and validation at the UI NIATT’s traffic controller lab, and field evaluation of the two connected-vehicle V2I application in Boise, Idaho.