Exploring Weather-related Connected Vehicle Applications for Improved Winter Travel in Pacific Northwest

The objectives of this project are to investigate how connected vehicle (CV) data such as images and friction coefficients could be integrated with data from road weather information system (RWIS) stations and other existing infrastructure; and how the integrated data could be utilized to improve decision-making for highway operations and enhance traveler information during inclement winter weather events. The main approach for this project is formulated as follows: (1) Actively engage regional agencies (WSDOT and Oregon DOT) and industry partners/stakeholders to develop the operational scenarios of CV for improved winter road operations and traveler information service; (2) Demonstrate the proof-of-concept of selected operational solutions at the UW test-bed; (3) Develop the CV solution for winter road surface condition monitoring and traveler information; (4) Pilot test the CV solution on selected road segments in Pacific Northwest, conduct preliminary analyses, and make recommendations for implementation.