Optimizing Field Data Collection & Developing Advanced GPR Processing Modules, Phase 3

Over the last several years Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (SHA) has developed a successful ground penetrating radar (GPR) data collection plan for bridge decks. Based on state-of-the-art GPR data collection methods and improved interpretation analysis developed and implemented in Phase II SHA is now able to monitor more bridge decks over a short period of time. The development and use of automation modules in Phase II has further increased productivity and accuracy of GPR data analysis. In 2018 a separate SHA contract with MES/Starodub was issued to address among other: i) the development of new analysis modules for delamination and hot mix asphalt (HMA) overlay thickens and condition, and, ii) feasibility of higher-speed protocols for SF-GPR data collection. The research under this UMD task focus on the review and assessment of the new GPR analysis modules developed in the MES/Starodub project, as well as an assessment of the impact of higher speed data collection protocol. The assessment is based on the data collected, GPR data analyses, and models developed in the MES/Starodub contract.