Synthesis on the Contributing Factors and Effective Countermeasures for Low Volume Roadway Fatality Rates in the Southeast

The principal goals of this synthesis study are to summarize contributing factors on Low Volume Roadway (LVR) crashes based on prior domestic and international research; identify countermeasures implemented to address LVR safety; and document countermeasure effectiveness in addressing LVR safety. In addition to these goals that were derived from the RFP, the research team has identified additional goals in order to produce a useful document for professionals that would correlate contributing factors and countermeasure effectiveness. These additional goals include evaluation and prioritization of contributing factors to LVR crashes in order to establish an approach that would maximize safety improvements addressing the most important factors in an orderly manner; pairing of countermeasures with contributing factors to identify the most effective treatments in addressing LVR safety while considering their appropriateness in reducing overall number of crashes and fatalities; and identification of promising countermeasures that have not been implemented that have the potential for addressing LVR safety.