Synthesis on the Best Practices for State DOTs to Determine Project Delivery Time, Project Management, and Ratio of Consultant to In-House Design

The primary objective of this synthesis project is to document the best practices for Departments of Transportation (DOT) project delivery process looking at all factors of project delivery including time estimation, project management, and suggested ratios of in-house versus consultant design for project delivery. In other words, this study aims to identify effective strategies and best practices to accurately estimate cost and schedule of transportation projects during planning, scoping and design phases of the project. Moreover, this study investigates the impact of design outsourcing on quality of final output as well as schedule and cost performance of the project. Furthermore, this project aims to explore other aspects of project development including risk assessment, rework handling, scoping processes, quality control, value engineering, workforce qualifications, etc. The scope of this study also focuses on identifying tools, techniques, and processes required to effectively deliver a transportation project.