Implementation of SHRP2 Results within the Wyoming Connected Vehicle Variable Speed Limit System SHRP2 Implementation Assistance Program (Round 4)

The primary objective of the second phase is to model drivers responses to various adverse weather and road conditions, to specifically address: (1) Can trips occurring in inclement weather be identified efficiently and effectively using NDS and RID data? (2) Can driver behavior during inclement weather conditions be characterized efficiently from the NDS? (3) What are the best surrogate measures for weather-related crashes that can be identified using the NDS data? (4) What type of analysis can be performed and conclusions be drawn from the resulting dataset? and (5) Can the NDS data be extrapolated to provide real-time weather information in the context of the Road Weather Connected Vehicle Applications? The vital purpose of Phase 2 is to generate models representing driving behavior changes as a function of weather conditions and includes investigation into speed selection, lane changing, and car following models.