Out-of-Plane Seismic Response of Pocket Connections for Cast-in-Place and Precast Construction (NDOT 494-18-803)

The overall objective of the proposed project is to evaluate the out-of-plane seismic performance of a new design and detailing procedure for CIP and precast column pocket connections that will emerge in another project titled "Column and Footing Pocket Connections for Cast in Place (CIP) and Precast Construction" with Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) agreement #593-18-803. The detailing procedure for CIP connections will take advantage of the lessons learned from a significant number of recent studies by the principal investigator (PI) and others to simplify conventional construction by reducing steel congestion in connections. Accomplishing the overall objectives of this and the other related research project (593-18-803) will contribute to NDOT’s ongoing efforts to update and develop new design and detailing standards for the footing and pier cap connection areas for both CIP and precast construction. The test model to study the out-of-plane seismic response of the connection will be also a large-scale, column-pier cap assembly that will incorporate the accelerated bridge construction (ABC) joint details to be finalized, but the seismic loading will simulate the longitudinal motion of the bridge.