Guidelines for Using Streetlight Data for Planning Tasks

Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) recently purchased a subscription to Streetlight—an application that provides estimates of origin-destination vehicle trips. While VDOT has had multiple ways of creating origin-destination tables in the past, it has never before had the ability to estimate origin-destination trip tables so quickly and “on the fly.” This suggests that there may be a variety of transportation planning tasks for which Streetlight data are suitable for use that have not been considered in the past. This study's tasks will include (1) identifying existing VDOT planning tasks which may be enhanced by Streetlight (2) determine whether the accuracy provided by Streetlight is sufficient for use in those tasks (using the findings from the forthcoming TED/TMPD evaluation of Streetlight's accuracy); (3) develop basic guidelines for using Streetlight data in those applications; (4) distribute the guidelines for review and revise accordingly (as Streetlight is fast-changing) .