Incorporation of Accessibility into Project Prioritization, Phase 1

Smart Scale requires the calculation of accessibility for hundreds of projects throughout the Commonwealth. Although accessibility is roughly described as the number of destinations multiplied by the inverse of the travel time to those destinations, the present problem is that Virginia uses a proprietary accessibility calculator where details are not well understood. Consequently, there is a need for a method for computing accessibility for Smart Scale projects which is both (1) transparent (such that the details can be shared publicly) and (2) feasible to apply for hundreds of projects. With the next Smart Scale round of projects being done in the spring of 2020, this method must be available by August 2019. This effort seeks to determine how three candidate methods for computing accessibility can be applied in a replicable manner for Virginia projects. The Transportation Mobility and Planning Division has identified three candidate methods that are of interest: ArcGIS Network Analyst, TransCAD, and the existing approach.