Performance-Based Specifications of Fiber-Reinforced Concrete to Enhance Performance and Reduce Steel-Reinforcement in Structural Members

The project aims at evaluating the combined effect of calcium oxide-based EA (CaO-based), LWA, and fiber content under different moist-curing regimes on restrained shrinkage, mechanical properties, frost durability, transport properties, and corrosion resistance of Eco high-performance concrete (Eco-HPC) targeted for bridge applications (Eco-Bridge-Crete). It has also been recognized that the FR-SWC can be produced using EA and various types of fibers. Proper use of fibers was shown to increase flexural strength and flexural toughness in monolith beams cast using FRC vs. those cast using regular concrete. As such, the incorporation of fibers can replace a portion of the steel reinforcement bars and obtaining same flexural strength, and even associated improve in toughness and crack resistance for the enhancement of resilience.