18-4P Research Project Capsule

The objective of this research is twofold. First, the researchers will evaluate existing GPR, Rolling Wheel Deflectometer (RWD), and Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) data in order to detect stripping and moisture-induced damage in pavements. In addition, the researchers will evaluate the test methods including GPR that may identify top-down cracking without coring. Second, the researchers will analyze the performance and cost-effectiveness of treatment methods against moisture-induced damage. Maintenance and rehabilitation methods will include overlay of stripped pavements with and without removal, chip seal, and micro-surfacing. Performance of past projects as depicted from Pavement Management System (PMS) data will be used to assess the effectiveness of these techniques. Based on the results of this evaluation, the research team will develop a detection testing protocol for moisture-induced damage and will recommend cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation strategies to repair stripped pavements.