Long-Term Field Monitoring of Paving Fabric Interlayer Systems to Reduce Reflective Cracking

The formation of reflective cracking of pavement overlays has confronted highway engineers for many years. Stress-relieving interlayers, such as paving fabrics, have been used in an attempt to reduce or delay reflective cracking. The primary objective of this study was to conduct a long-term monitoring of the paving fabric interlayer systems to evaluate its effectiveness and performance. A comprehensive testing, monitoring, and analysis program was undertaken, where twelve 500-ft pavement sections of a two-lane highway were constructed, and then monitored for seven years. Particular attention was directed towards investigating the influence of several factors including overlay thickness on long-term performance. A comparison between the performance of paving fabric treatment systems for milled and non-milled surfaces, as well as a comparison between the performance of paving fabrics on sealed and non-sealed surfaces is reported.