Workforce Development Symposiums for UHPC

This project will provide workforce development symposiums related to ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) for use in bridge construction, maintenance, and rehabilitation. The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) currently has two bridges that they are planning to rehabilitate with thin bonded UHPC overlays. They are also in the planning stages for projects where they would like to use UHPC to repair deteriorated shear keys and other joints between bridge superstructure elements. The NMDOT personnel working on projects related to these bridges and other potential implementation projects for UHPC have requested multiple training sessions to prepare them for working with this new material. Additionally, NMDOT has requested training or other workforce development opportunities for engineers and contractors that might want to compete for work on these projects. As such, this project will provide two workforce development symposiums. Each of the full-day symposiums is expected to provide extensive coverage of UHPC topics including 1) a review of past and current UHPC projects in the United States; 2) UHPC materials and mixture development including coverage of testing methods and procedures; 3) potential modifications to testing procedures; 4) engineering design with UHPC; 5) experiences of batch plant and precast plant operators in batching, mixing, and placing UHPC; and 6) a hands-on demonstration of batching, mixing, and placing UHPC produced with local materials.