National Traffic Dataset Applications for Air Quality and Noise Analysis

The objective of this study is to explore several possible air quality and noise applications of the National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS), Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS), and Travel Monitoring Analysis System (TMAS) national traffic datasets. These applications have the potential to improve the accuracy of air quality and noise modeling and to assist state and local stakeholders in preparing local estimates of traffic data as inputs to air quality and noise models. Phase 1 of the study will build a combined database of traffic datasets and prototype air quality/noise applications for at least three states and one calendar year. If undertaken, the objective of Phase 2 will be to expand upon the methods developed in Phase 1 to develop a full combined database and to develop full air quality applications. The full combined database will expand in geographic scope from 3 or more states to the entire United States. It will expand in temporal scope from one year of data to multiple years of data (for example, 3-5 years of data could be used). Some applications will be expanded to utilize the larger geographic and temporal scope of the full combined database.