Engaging the Business and Tourism Industry in Visualizing Sea Level Rise Impacts to Transportation Infrastructure in Waikiki, Hawaii

This study will build upon another related University Transportation Center (UTC) project that focuses on visualizing sea level rise impacts to transportation infrastructure in South Florida. This study will build upon and extend the research to Waikiki, located in Honolulu, Hawaii and focus on the business and tourism industry community. Waikiki is facing major impacts from sea level rise and transportation and community planners will engage with stakeholders through meetings to seek input and engagement on planning for the future, including impacts of sea level rise on streets, buildings and neighborhoods. The team will seek to visualize the differences between King Tide, storm surges, tsunami and sea level rise. The team will utilize three-dimensional (3D) imaging utilizing virtual and augmented reality to serve as a policy deliberation tool to better discuss coastal planning, engineering and design solutions.