Automated QC/QA System Implementation

Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT's) Office of Materials Management identified a need for an automated process that fully streamlines ODOT's management of highway materials. This two phase project began in August 2012 as part of the FY 2013 research work program (that request for proposal [RFP] follows this request). Although the first phase lasted well longer than the planned year there has been consistent commitment to the project and need by ODOT and the Office of Materials Management. This phase is the research development and technology transfer work (RD&T2) that was planned and is now needed as the business analysis and design is complete. This phase is being managed through DoIT in order to fully integrate the final system within ODOT, and so this is a separate project and request. This will enable Asphalt and Aggregate contractors to directly input information into a system that conducts preliminary analysis for established quality control measures. This process will permit ODOT personnel to quickly and easily review the contractors' submitted information, and provide necessary feedback to the contractors in a timely and efficient manner. The current process used by both the contractors and ODOT is a manual process that is tedious and inefficient. The automated process will allow for more efficient use of agency personnel and resources and will minimize errors associated with data entry.