TRC1703 - School Bus Stops Safety

Transporting students safely is the main priority for school transportation directors, bus drivers, and other essential personnel involved in getting students to school and home. The primary task for school transportation directors is planning bus routes, which can also impact student safety. These bus stop placements not only dictate the routes students travel between home and the bus stop, but also environmental conditions to which students are subjected while waiting for the bus. From 2004 to 2013, a 2015 FHWA/NHTSA study reported 327 school-age children died in school-transportation related crashes, with the highest numbers during the hours of 7AM to 8AM and 3PM to 4PM. The objective of this study is to collect and analyze crash data, specifically at current school bus stops (loading/unloading locations). The data was obtained from the Traffic Safety Section of the ARDOT and from the Division of Public School Academic Facilities and Transportation. This data is currently being analyzed for any mitigating patterns in crash statistics and to determine if any correlations exist that could be potentially be altered to increase safety at school bus stops.