Evaluation of DOTD’s Existing Queue Estimation Procedures

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Louisiana Department of Transportation (LADOTD’s) existing queue estimation procedures by comparing its output with that derived directly from site observations through video camera footage. Specifically the main objectives are to provide a detailed review of the state of practice of work zone closure analysis tools with particular emphasis on the current tools used by the LADOTD; acquire work zone lane closure models currently utilized on Louisiana’s freeways; identify specific work zone scenarios, and collect data on traffic flows and characteristics, delays and queue lengths; acquire corresponding queue analysis from current LADOTD queue estimation tools; and determine the effectiveness of the LADOTD’s Highway Capacity Manual (HCM)-based spreadsheet for queue analysis through comparative analysis of its data with that of the collected data. Also, determine whether the flat construction zone capacity if 1,309 pc/h/ln is a valid assumption.