Developing Markets for Zero-Emission Vehicles in Short-Haul Goods Movement

The purpose of this project is to examine the potential use of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) and near-ZEVs for short-haul goods movement in California. ZEV and near-ZEV heavy duty trucks (HDTs) have different performance characteristics than conventional diesel HDTs. For a given set of pickups and deliveries, the number of trucks required depends on the range of the vehicle and its load capacity. These in turn determine miles traveled (including associated labor costs) and refueling time costs. ZEV and near-ZEV HDTs currently have a shorter distance range than diesel HDTs, there are fewer refueling stations, and typically refueling takes more time (e.g., to recharge a battery). Therefore, a larger number of vehicles and a greater total amount of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) would be required to operate the same service. Project researchers will estimate differences in vehicle performance and cost requirements across various types of short haul services, and use the results to inform an analysis of the potential markets for ZEVs and near-ZEV HDTs.