Evaluation of Headlight: An E-Construction Inspection Technology

The overall objective of this project is to understand the impacts on the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) for leveraging e-construction innovations, more specifically a mobile project inspection system called Headlight. The LADOTD hopes to streamline its business process for inspection, documentation, and real-time communications between the field and office while saving taxpayer dollars through reduced printing and storage costs for related documentation. The specific objectives of this research are to measure increase in available time spent on field inspection, measure change in quality and quantity of inspection data, measure timeliness of submission of daily diary documentation, measure leading indicators for improving claims abatement, understand information requirements needed for effective maintenance of constructed assets, and to map relevant maintenance information requirements to data collected during construction phase. As part of the research, the LADOTD will evaluate and use a new e-construction technology called Headlight, leveraging 200 field inspectors and their project teams over 12-18 projects across the state. An effort will be made to include at least one Local Public Assistance (LPA) and Construction Evaluation and Inspection (CE&I) projects. This system will enable the LADOTD to capture field inspection information digitally from active project jobsites, send it back to agency project offices in real-time, and provide project insights to help make engineering decisions as projects are in progress. The research will enable the agency to effectively determine the long-term viability of an agency-wide deployment of the innovation. From these results, an evaluation of the Headlight software for e-construction can be determined and a recommendation for implementation can be developed.