Performance Analysis of UAS Detection Technologies Operating in Airport Environment

The steady increase in reports of small unmanned aircraft (UA) in close proximity to airports and manned air traffic is presenting a new challenge for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The safety of the National Air Space (NAS) is the Agency’s responsibility including for identifying possible gaps in safety and addressing them before a significant incident occurs. The FAA is assessing the feasibility of integrating proven UAS mitigation technology at airports, with a focus on evaluating technologies that can detect and track UAS in order to support safe conduct of operations in an airport environment. The Alliance for System Safety of UAS trhrough Research Excellence Center of Excellence (ASSURE COE) will perform post-analysis of data after Airport demonstrations to identify the capabilities, performance characteristics, and limitations of specific instances of UAS detection technologies to assess which technologies demonstrate applicability and/or promise for use in and around the airport environment. This assessment will examine strengths and weaknesses between technology types; how those technology types might perform in differing environments; and examine the potential for combining multiple technologies into a layered solution.